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Flongle Flow Cell (R10.4.1)

The Flongle Flow Cell contains the proprietary sensory array and R10.4.1 nanopores required for all V14 kits using our Kit 14 chemistry.

Flongle adapters are available through the Flongle Starter Pack: please click here.

This is an Early Access product

Note: R10.4.1 flow cells are only compatible with Kit 14 chemistry

IMPORTANT – Flongle Flow Cells ship with the Flongle Sequencing Expansion (EXP-FSE002). Always refer to the latest protocols on the Nanopore Community.

Pack of 12 flow cells


Flongle R10.4.1 flow cells have been tested with the following sequencing kits:

  • Ligation Sequencing Kit V14 (SQK-LSK114)
  • Ligation Sequencing Kit XL V14 (SQK-LSK114-XL)
  • Rapid Sequencing Kit V14 (SQK-RAD114)
  • Rapid Barcoding Kit 24 V14 (SQK-RBK114.24)
  • Rapid Barcoding Kit 96 V14 (SQK-RBK114.96)
  • Rapid PCR Barcoding Kit 24 V14 (SQK-RPB114.24)
  • Native Barcoding Kit 24 V14 (SQK-NBD114.24)
  • Native Barcoding Kit 96 V14 (SQK-NBD114.96)
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A Flongle Flow Cell (R10.4.1) is a consumable used with the Flongle adapter and MinION and GridION devices. It contains the proprietary sensor array and R10.4.1 nanopores suitable for all V14 kits using our Kit 14 chemistry.

As part of the Flongle expansion programme, for every 9 Flongle Flow Cells ordered, users will receive 3 additional flow cells on top of their current order to enable them to complete their experiments with confidence.

This release supports a selection of our V14 kits recently released, including the Ligation Sequencing Kit V14, Rapid Sequencing Kit V14. A full compatibilities list is available below.

How it works:

A user simply adds their prepared library to the flow cell and starts their sequencing experiment.

Data is accumulated over time as DNA is sequenced by the nanopores. Individual read files are generated and are immediately available for analysis.

As data is streamed in real-time, a user can choose to stop a run as soon as sufficient data is gathered. A flow cell contains sufficient buffer to run for ~24 hours (under optimal conditions).

Shipping and logistics:

Flongle Flow Cells are packed individually; however, bulk order options are available. All orders can be split for delivery to best suit your needs.

Flow cells and kits are shipped together at 2–8°C. The packaging is designed to protect the flow cells from freezing. Sequencing kits are stable at room temperature for up to seven days, so users should not be concerned about their products should they arrive at ambient temperature.

Products are shipped to customers within the USA and EU Monday to Thursday. Shipments to Canada, Norway, Korea and Japan are expedited Monday to Wednesday; with Australia and New Zealand leaving our warehouses on a Friday. Shipments to the rest of the world are made on Mondays to allow the full working week for packages to arrive.

The delivery charges are calculated when a quote is raised or during checkout. Once an order is made, the delivery ID and delivery information can be tracked in the Store.

Storage and stability:

Flow cells can be stored, unopened, at 2-8°C for four weeks.

We recommend you check your flow cell before preparing your DNA/RNA library as part of the warranty process.

Flow cell returns:

Flongle Flow Cells are disposable and do not need to be returned to Oxford Nanopore Technologies. Please dispose of them as biological waste.


Flongle Flow Cells are provided in a sealed pouch and are shipped at constant temperature.

It is recommended that they are kept, unopened, at 2-8°C.

Prior to use, the flow cell can be checked by performing a Flow Cell Check using MinKNOW (the MinION and GridION device software). The Flow Cell Check will report the number of nanopores available for sequencing.

Once the Flow Cell Check has been performed satisfactorily, the flow cell is ready to be used for experiments. The exact protocol and reagent kits used will depend on the experiment being run.

Safety and legal

Safety Data Sheet for Flongle Flow Cell buffer (FLO-FLG114)

Spanish Safety Data Sheet for Flongle (FLO-FLG114)

Safety Data Sheet for Flongle Sequencing Expansion (EXP-FSE002)

Customers are required to perform a Flow Cell Check prior to starting their sequencing experiment. Oxford Nanopore Technologies will replace any flow cell with fewer than 50 nanopores, when the result is reported within two days of performing the flow cell check, and when the storage recommendations have been followed. The warranty on this product is four weeks from receipt by the customer.

There is a 9-month contract length available for all consumable purchases. For more information, please see the Nanopore Product Terms and Conditions.

What’s in the box

Flongle Flow Cells are shipped in a sealed pouch to maintain the environment for the flow cell chemistry.

Flongle Sequencing Expansion (EXP-FSE002) is shipped with flow cells.


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