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(D4001) Zymoclean™ Gel DNA Recovery Kit (50 Preps) Uncapped


  • Quick recovery of ultra-pure DNA from agarose gels.
  • Column design permits DNA elution at high concentrations into minimal volumes.
  • Eluted DNA is well-suited for use in DNA ligation, sequencing, labeling, PCR, etc.

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The Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit is a gel DNA extraction kit that provides rapid purification of high quality DNA from TAE/TBE-buffered agarose gels. This gel DNA extraction kit features Zymo-Spin technology to yield high-quality, purified DNA in just minutes. DNA purified using the Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery kits is perfectly suited for use in DNA ligation reactions, sequencing, DNA labeling reactions, PCR, etc.



Applicable For Next Generation sequencing, ligation reactions, PCR, labeling, and restriction endonuclease digestions.
Elution Volume ≥ 6 µl of DNA Elution Buffer
Equipment Microcentrifuge
Purity A260/A280 >1.8, A260/A230>1.8
Sample Source DNA excised from TAE/TBE-buffered agarose gels.
Size Range 50 bp to 23 kb
Yield Typically, up to 5 µg total DNA per column can be eluted with ≥6 µl water. For DNA 50 bp to 10 kb the recovery is 70-90%. For DNA 11 kb to 23 kb the recovery is 50-70%
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