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COVID Midi: 2304 samples

A simple, scalable and rapid method for sequencing up to 2,304 SARS-CoV-2 samples.

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A simple, scalable and rapid method for sequencing up to 2,304 SARS-CoV-2 samples:

  • Midnight Expansion Kit with RT-PCR reagents and primers to amplify SARS-CoV-2 from input RNA
  • Rapid Barcoding Kits 96 to barcode and prepare the amplified material for sequencing
  • MinION/GridION Flow Cells to perform sequencing on MinION or GridION devices
  • Sequence for as little as $10.51 per sample

How it works

The Midnight method amplifies the SARS-CoV-2 genome in 29 overlapping amplicons (~1,200 bp long). By amplifying longer amplicons, Oxford Nanopores rapid chemistry can be deployed enabling users to rapidly attach a barcode, pool samples and adapt them for sequencing. This method is simple and quick to deploy. It allows rapid turn-around-times that can assist with monitoring of novel variants of concern.

The protocol delivers robust full genome coverage across a wide range of Ct values.

Users can pair the library preparation with an Oxford Nanopore analysis solution to enable a complete end-to-end workflow.

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The Midnight bundle includes everything you need to sequence SARS-CoV-2:

Feature Midnight bundle
Preparation time 5 h 30 min including RT-PCR
Hands-on time 1 h 15 min
Input amount 8 μl extracted RNA
Multiplexing run in sets of 24* – 96 samples per flow cell
Pack size 2,304 samples
Storage Shipped at 2-8°C

Flow cells: long-term storage 2-8°C

Kits: long-term storage -20°C

Compatibility MinION Mk1B


GridION Mk1

Please contact us for PromethION

3rd party reagents required Ethanol, nuclease-free water

*users wishing to run in multiples of 24 will need to buy 12 x Flow Cell Wash Kits (EXP-WSH004) *users wishing to run in multiples of 48 will need to buy 4 x Flow Cell Wash Kits (EXP-WSH004)

Shipping and logistics:

Flow cells and kits are shipped together in an environmentally friendly temperature-controlled shipping box.

Products are shipped to customers within the USA and EU Monday to Thursday. Shipments to Canada, Norway, Korea and Japan are expedited Monday to Wednesday; with Australia and New Zealand leaving our warehouses on a Friday. Shipments to the rest of the world are made on Mondays to allow the full working week for packages to arrive.

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The sample preparation workflow is simple, flexible and rapid.

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What’s in the box

This bundle contains:

  • 4 x Midnight Expansion Kit (EXP-MRT001)
  • 8 x Rapid Barcoding Kit 96 (SQK-RBK110.96)
  • 24 x MinION/GridION Flow Cells (FLO-MIN106D)


The Midnight Bundle can be used together with:


  • Flow Cell Wash Kit (EXP-WSH004)

Flow cells

  • FLO-MIN106D


  • MinION Mk1B
  • MinION Mk1C
  • GridION Mk1


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